Mike Jones

Mike Jones Photo

For nearly 30 years, Mike's Sound Systems and Design has been known for professional, high-quality audio installation in houses of worship, schools, and businesses. Now, along with acoustical treatment, theatrical lighting, and video projection systems, Mike's Sound is your home for full system installation, maintenance, and training.

Mike Jones, President, started Mike's Sound Systems and Design in 1986 to help out a small church with a new sound system. Within a couple weeks, word had spread and he was getting calls from other churches in the area needing help. With his heart for ministry and music, he kept taking the calls and grew the business into what it is today. Mike has now installed systems all over the world, including Puerto Rico and Russia.

A graduate of Full Sail University, Mike has worked as a studio and a live sound engineer in a multitude of venues. As a musician and vocalist, he also understands the needs of the artists and leaders on stage. Mike and his team not only sell and install these systems, but work daily as sound, lighting, and video technicians, giving them the hands-on understanding of what their clients need in order to do their jobs effectively.

Big or small, digital or analog, simple or complex, Mike's Sound Systems and Design can help you build a system for any need.